About Us

Tulua is the number one choice for luxury skincare that is naturally different…

Here’s our story…

Why did it all begin?

Tulua skincare was born out of a desire to bring luxury skincare to the masses that doesn’t contain any nasties.

Owning a spa for nearly 10 years now and specialising in facials, Debbie spent countless hours researching ingredients and products to help her ever increasing clients presenting with lots of different skincare concerns.
The more she and David researched the harder it was to find products that ticked all of the boxes they knew they wanted;
* Animal Friendly
* Paraben Free
* Sulfate Free
* SLS Free
* Natural and Organic wherever possible
* Vegan wherever possible

So the journey of Tulua began…

“If you can’t find what you’re looking for, it’s a sign that it’s time to create it” Debbie

The personal impact...

Debbie and David’s research led them down what felt like a rabbit’s warren of information. One of their biggest discoveries was the little known but widely used skincare ingredient, sodium laureth sulfate.

To their horror they discovered that most on the shelf skincare products contain this proven chemical irritant.

That discovery started them on a mission to educate as many people as possible about the effects this one ingredient could be having.

This one bit of education was brought close to home…

“My dad is Type 2 diabetic and has always suffered with dry sensitive skin, always being conscious to use specialist products that were unfragranced and suitable for dry, sensitive skin.

After learning about sodium laureth sulfate, my mum checked all of their skincare products. To the shock of all of us, the very products he had been using for over 20 years, supposedly to treat dry, sensitive skin, has sodium laureth sulfate as the second ingredient to water.

We couldn’t believe that a known chemical irritant was being used in a product that was being marketed as helping your skin!

Needless to say, he didn’t use that again and made the switch to an SLS free range, and saw an improvement in his skin within a week!

Shaking up the skincare industry...

So Debbie has always had a curious nature, not being afraid to do things differently and disrupt the ‘norms’ when it comes to business.

After discovering the potential effects of sodium laureth sulfate, she and David began to question why so many companies still choose to use this ingredient when they know it’s not good for you.

Could it be that the big companies want your skin to be dry and irritable so that you have to buy more products..?
Could it be because it’s a super cheap and readily available ingredient and profit trumps care..?
Could it be that they rely on people not knowing and understanding ingredients so as long as the marketing and branding is on point, people will believe what they are told..?

None of the above sat well with Debbie and David at all. And so the shake up started…

Our Commitment

Putting your health and well-being first…